Official Decker Lifestyle Shop

Our revolutionary technology simplifies the time consuming uniform process in under 3 minutes. Simply Download, Snap Photo's and Go!

Step 1:

Create a Decker ProShop Account

Following Sign-up you will receive a SMS message containing a link to the DeckerFit App & your Pin Code required for App Login

Step 2:

Download DeckerFit App and Login

Use the Pin Code sent via SMS to Login

Step 3:

Add New Player to be fitted

Fill out the player information form. If fitting for multiple players, fill out a player information form for each individual player.

Step 4:

Scan Player’s Measurements

Follow the player Fitting directions in the DeckerFit App. Someone other than player(s) must be operating mobile device during the Fitting.

Step 5:

View Player measurements on Team Pro Shop

Head to your Team’s Pro Shop to view measurements and secure your uniforms & gear!


96% measuring accuracy

Get Fitted at your convenience

Great fit and feel - or your money back *

* Applies only to sizing conditions. Fit outs must be performed using the DeckerFit App and orders placed using sizing as directed by the Decker FitApp. Any manual manipulation of the fitting or sizing ordered will result in forfeiture of such guarantee. We reserve the right to terminate or revoke this money back guarantee at any time, without prior notice.